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New Group 2 Compounds Useful for Preparation of thin films of Electronic Ceramics

  • William S. Rees (a1), Kerstin A. Dippel (a1), Michael W. Carris (a1), Celia R. Caballero (a1), Debra A. Moreno (a1) and Werner Hesse (a1)...


We have prepared examples of several new classes of group 2 compounds, including ether- and amine-substituted metallocenes, inter- and intra-molecular Lewis base stabilized bis(β-diketonates), and clam-shell oligioether bis(alkoxides), and investigated their use as potential sources in the preparation of ceramic materials from molecular precursors. Examinations have included vapor pressure measurements, hydrolytic, oxidative, thermal and photolytic stability, vapor phase, solution and solid state structures, and evaluation for potential CVD growth of thin films of electronic ceramics. Results to date indicate that intramolecular stabilization is more advantageous than intermolecular stabilization for achievement of optimal CVD source criteria, and that completion of the coordination sphere around the metal atom requires tuning of both ligand spatial and electronic requirements.



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