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New Crystalline Silicotitanate (CST) Waste Forms: Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of CS-SI-TI-O Phases

  • M. Nyman (a1), T. M. Nenoff (a1), Y. Su (a2), M. L. Balmer (a2), A. Navrotsky (a3) and H. Xu (a3)...


The radioactivity of the Hanford site waste tanks is primarily from 137Cs and 90Sr, of which can both be selectively removed from solution using a crystalline silicotitanate (CST) ion exchanger. We are currently seeking waste forms alternative to borosilicate glass for Cs-CSTs. In order to obtain a fundamental basis for the development of an alternative waste form, we are investigating synthesis and characterization of CST component phases, namely Cs-Si-Ti-O phases. Two novel Cs-Ti-Si-O phases (one porous, one condensed) have been hydrothermally synthesized, characterized and evaluated as waste form candidates based on chemical and thermal stability, leachability, and ion exchange capabilities.



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