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New Approaches for Dry Etching Metal Oxides at low Temperature and High Rates

  • Francois Rousseau (a1), A. Jain (a2), L. Perry (a2), J. Farkas (a2), T. T. Kodas (a2), M. J. Hampden-Smith (a1), M. Paffett (a3) and R. Muenchausen (a3)...


The reactions of metal oxides including CuO, ZnO, V2O5, and PbO with 1,1,1,5,5,5-hexaflouro- 2,4-pentanedione (hfacH) were investigated. A hot-wall reactor was used to react hfacH with metal oxide powders to form sufficient quantities of volatile reaction products for characterization by Infrared Spectroscopy (IR), Elemental Analysis (EA), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Mass Spectroscopy (MS), Thermogravimetric Analysis and Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA). PbO, ZnO and CuO powders reacted rapidly at 200 °C to form the corresponding metal β-diketonates and V2O5 reacted to give OV(hfac)2. A differential cold-wall reactor was to used to measure etch rates of CuOx films as a function of temperature and hfacH partial pressure. AES and XPS analysis of the laser ablation deposited CuOx film annealed in an O2 atmosphere revealed that the film was composed of CuO and Cu2O. Etch rates of up to a I l.βm/min at hfacH partial pressure of 1 Torr at 270 °C were obtained. Laser induced etching of the same CuOx film with hfacH showed evidence of copper oxide removal.



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