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Near-UV background as a bridge between visible and infrared communication

  • M. Vieira (a1) (a2) (a3), M. A. Vieira (a1) (a2), V. Silva (a1) (a2), I. Rodrigues (a1) and P. Louro (a1) (a2)...


In this paper we present a monolithically integrated wavelength selector based on a multilayer pi’n/pin a-SiC:H integrated optical filter that requires appropriate near-ultraviolet steady states optical switches to select the desired wavelengths in the VIS-NIR ranges.

Results show that the background intensity works as a selector in the infrared/visible regions, shifting the sensor sensitivity. Low intensities select the NIR range while high intensities select the visible part accordingly to its wavelength. Here, the optical gain is very high in the red range, decreases in the green range, and stays near one in the blue region decreasing strongly in the near-UV range. The transfer characteristics effects due to changes in steady state light intensity and wavelength backgrounds are presented. The relationship between the optical inputs and the output signal is established when a multiplexed signal is analyzed.



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