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Near-field photoluminescence spectroscopy of localized states in InGaAsN alloys

  • A. M. Mintairov (a1) (a2), P. A. Blagnov (a2), T. Kosel (a1), J. L. Merz (a1), V. M. Ustinov (a2), A. S. Vlasov (a1) and R. E. Cook. (a3)...


We used near-field magneto-photoluminescence scanning microscopy to study structural and optical properties of quantum-dot-like compositional fluctuations in GaAsN and InGaAsN alloys. We show that these fluctuations manifest themselves by the appearance of narrow emission lines (halfwidth 0.5−2 meV) at temperatures below 70K. We estimated the size, density, and nitrogen excess of individual compositional fluctuations (clusters), revealing phaseseparation effects in the distribution of nitrogen in GaAsN and InGaAsN. We found a dramatic difference in the Zeeman splitting of cluster lines between GaAsN and InGaAsN, indicating a strong effect of In on the exciton g-factor.



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