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Near-Field Magneto-Optic Fiber Probe

  • M.A. Seigler (a1) and D.N. Lambeth (a1)


A novel near-field magneto-optic fiber probe (NF-MOFP) for readback of ultra high density magnetic recording, or high resolution imaging of magnetic domains is described. This NFMOFP consists of a partially metalized tapered fiber, as used in conventional near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM), with the subwavelength sized aperture coated with a reflective magneto-optic (MO) film. This device is then used in a manner similar to conventional NSOM. The properties of the MO film deposited on the fiber tip, the NFMOFP's response to applied fields, and images of magnetic domains taken with the device are described.



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Near-Field Magneto-Optic Fiber Probe

  • M.A. Seigler (a1) and D.N. Lambeth (a1)


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