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Near surface characteristics of highly sensitive metal oxide thin films

  • G. Kiriakidis (a1)


We present the gas sensing properties of InOx thin films deposited by dc sputtering and ZnOx thin films deposited both by dc sputtering and PLD. The sensitivity of the films towards ozone is correlated with the deposition parameters like film thickness, substrate deposition temperature and growth rate. Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) analysis showed a noticeable deficit in oxygen in the top 5 nm for films in the “conducting” state, i.e., after UV exposure. Analysis of the sensing response for alumina-based transducers of InOx thin films revealed high sensitivity (less than 25 ppb) with fast and stable response towards ozone while ultimate sensitivity levels down to 10 ppb for ozone and 50 ppb for NO2 were achieved. Surface topography study of ZnOx films utilizing optical, AFM and SEM analyses has shown a distinct surface morphology variation correlated to the growth technique It is demonstrated that PLD leads to very rough surfaces with characteristic non-coordinated columnar features in contrast with the rather smooth surfaces obtained by sputtering.



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Near surface characteristics of highly sensitive metal oxide thin films

  • G. Kiriakidis (a1)


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