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Nature of Slip in γ-Titanium Aluminide Above the Yield Stress Anomaly Temperature

  • S. Jiao (a1), N. Bird (a1), P. B. Hirsch (a1) and G. Taylor (a1)


Crystals of γ-TiAl, containing ∼54.5 at% Al, with various orientations were deformed at different temperatures and examined by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). It was found that while in many cases slip and climb of ordinary dislocations tend to predominate, slip by [001] dislocations can be important also. The occurrence of [001] slip has not been reported before. The values of critical resolved shear stress were determined and strong locks on [001] dislocations have been identified as local segments of ½ ⟨112] dislocations arising from interactions between [001] and ½⟨110] dislocations.



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