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Nanotube-based systems for broadband optical limiting: towards an operational system

  • N. Izard (a1) (a2), D. Riehl (a1) and E. Anglaret (a2)


Nanotube-based systems are good candidates for optical limiting against broadband laser pulses. We explore new routes to improve their limiting performances. We show that the diameter of the nanotubes is a key factor to control the performances. On the other hand, we demonstrate that chemically modified nanotubes can be mixed with organic chromophores, leading to high performance composite limiting systems which are particularly efficient in the nanosecond regime due to the cumulative effects of nonlinear scattering and multiphoton absorption.



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Nanotube-based systems for broadband optical limiting: towards an operational system

  • N. Izard (a1) (a2), D. Riehl (a1) and E. Anglaret (a2)


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