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Nanostructured zinc sulphide phosphors

  • R. Vacassy (a1), S. M. Scholz (a1), J. Dutta (a1), H. Hofmann (a1), C. J. G. Plummer (a2), G. Carrot (a2), J. Hilborn (a2) and M. Akinc (a3)...


Zinc sulphide (ZnS) particles are efficient phosphors for application in flat-panel displays. Spherical ZnS particles were prepared by precipitation from a homogeneous solution. Nanoparticles of 20 to 40 nm having a very narrow size distribution could be synthesized by using complexing chelates such as acetate and acetylacetonate. Complexing of the precipitating cation with the anions present in the system lead to a limited concentration of free cations in the solution. This strongly influences the kinetics of the primary particle agglomeration/growth, resulting in nanometer-sized ZnS particles. Nanostructured ZnS synthesized in this way are polycrystalline particles composed of crystallites of 5–10 nm. The synthesis of very small, non-agglomerated, nanocrystalline particles in the 5–10 nm size range was also possible, making use of a strong complexing ligand (thioglycerol) during the synthesis. The synthesis of controlled monosized ZnS particles will be presented and discussed. The photoluminescence characteristics of ZnS make this material a suitable candidate as phosphor for application in low voltage display technology. The effect of Mn2+ doping on the luminescence characteristics of ZnS will also be discussed.



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Nanostructured zinc sulphide phosphors

  • R. Vacassy (a1), S. M. Scholz (a1), J. Dutta (a1), H. Hofmann (a1), C. J. G. Plummer (a2), G. Carrot (a2), J. Hilborn (a2) and M. Akinc (a3)...


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