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Nanostructured Selenium for Preventing Biofilm Formation on Medical Devices

  • Qi Wang (a1) and Thomas J. Webster (a2)


Biofilms are a common cause of persistent infections on medical devices as they are easy to form and hard to treat. Selenium and its compounds are considered to be a novel material for a wide range of applications including anticancer applications and antibacterial applications. The objective of this study was to coat selenium nanoparticles on the surface of polycarbonate medical devices and examine their effectiveness at preventing biofilm formation. The results of this in vitro study showed that the selenium coating significantly inhibited Staphylococcus aureus growth on the surface of polycarbonate after 24 hours. Thus, this study suggests that coating polymers with nanostructured selenium is a fast and effective way to reduce bacteria functions leading to medical device infections.



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Nanostructured Selenium for Preventing Biofilm Formation on Medical Devices

  • Qi Wang (a1) and Thomas J. Webster (a2)


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