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Nanosized Metallic Sn Precipitates in Si, Formed Upon Ion Implantation

  • T. Barancira (a1), J. De Wachter (a1), K. Milants (a1), J. Verheyden (a1), W. Deweerd (a1), J. Odeurs (a1) and H. Pattyn (a1)...


In this work we firstly established the optimal conditions to preferentially form nanosized β-Sn inclusions from a supersaturated solid solution of Sn in Si, formed by a high dose ion implantation. Afterwards we tried to elucidate the origin of the strongly enhanced recoilless fraction of Sn nuclei inside these precipitates, thereby making a link to the observed shift in isomer shift value. This is tentatively interpreted in terms of a local compression of the inclusion to about 200 kbar.



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