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Nanoscale Features Grown by MBE on Nonplanar Patterned Si Substrates

  • Karl D. Hobart (a1), Fritz J. Kub (a1), Henry F. Gray (a1), Mark E. Twigg (a1), Doewon Park (a1) and Phillip E. Thompson (a1)...


Si growth by molecular beam epitaxy on nonplanar patterned Si substrates is studied as a function of growth parameters. The substrates consist of a truncated pyramid template with {111} sides and (100) tops formed by anisotropic etching of Si(100). For growth temperatures ≤ 550°C no qualitative changes in the morphology of the template are observed. At growth temperatures between 650–700°C {113} facets begin to form on the (100) surface and reduce the lateral dimensions of the (100) facet to < 20 nm. At high temperatures (∼800°C) {113} facets remain stable and {111} facets no longer exist. The small (100) mesa formed at medium temperatures by facet reduction is exploited through the growth of Si/Si 1-xGex multiple quantum wells leading to low-dimensional structures. Observations are quantified by scanning electron and transmission electron microscopies.



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