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Nanomagnetic Structures: Fabrication and Interactions

  • David J. Sellmyer (a1), Y. C. Sui (a1), Y. F. Xu (a1), M. L. Yan (a1), K. D. Sorge (a1) and R. Skomski (a1)...


Magnetic nanostructures with desirable properties such as monodispersed size and crystallographic texturing can be fabricated by a number of synthetic techniques. In this paper, we discuss methods for creating nanoclusters with fine control of individual propertiesand their interactions, as well as a promising chemical technique that provides control of several properties simultaneously. Current and potential applications also will be addressed.



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Nanomagnetic Structures: Fabrication and Interactions

  • David J. Sellmyer (a1), Y. C. Sui (a1), Y. F. Xu (a1), M. L. Yan (a1), K. D. Sorge (a1) and R. Skomski (a1)...


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