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Nanolayer Reactions in Aluminum-Metal Interfaces

  • E. V. Barrera (a1), M. W. Ruckman (a1) and S. M. Heald (a1)


Surface extended x-ray absorption fine structure (SEXAFS) measurements on the nanometer level were made for AI/M interfaces where M was Cu or Ni. The samples were studied immediately after deposition and after heat treatments. Significant differences in interface reactions were observed depending on deposition direction (Cu on Al or Al on Cu) and the amount of mixing was also related to whether M was Cu or Ni. The SEXAFS measurements revealed that there were no detectable amounts of C or O present. One percent Zn was observed to be in the Al layers. The results obtained from the as-deposited interfaces correlate well with data obtained from buried interfaces of like element combinations.



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Nanolayer Reactions in Aluminum-Metal Interfaces

  • E. V. Barrera (a1), M. W. Ruckman (a1) and S. M. Heald (a1)


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