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Nano-Cylinder Structure Studied by X-ray Diffraction

  • Gu Xu (a1), Zhechuan Feng (a2), Zoran Popovic (a3), Jianyi Lin (a4) and Jagadese. J. Vittal (a5)...


The study of nano-cylinder structure has attracted much attention due to the application of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). While some TEM observations indicate that they are formed by seamless concentric cylinders, other TEM and high pressure X-ray diffraction studies suggest that they look like scrolls of graphite sheets. Although many people now accept the concentric cylinder model, there has been no confirmation reported. On the other hand, this structural difference of MWCNTs plays a crucial role in determining the properties and suitability for future applications. For example, the periodical boundary condition can only be imposed for cylinders, but not for scrolls. To resolve this issue, we employed high-resolution X-ray diffraction to measure detailed profiles of the Bragg peaks for high-purity MWCNTs. We then identified some unusual observations unique to the nano-cylinder structure, followed by the analysis of the structural difference in the Fourier transform between nanotubes formed by scrolls and concentric cylinders. The simulation results are then compared with the experimental data to reveal the structural details.



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Nano-Cylinder Structure Studied by X-ray Diffraction

  • Gu Xu (a1), Zhechuan Feng (a2), Zoran Popovic (a3), Jianyi Lin (a4) and Jagadese. J. Vittal (a5)...


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