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Nano-Crystalline Powders and Suspensions Generated Using A Flow-Through Hydrothermal Process, Part II: Applications

  • John G. Darab (a1), M. F. Buehler (a1), J. C. Linehan (a1) and D. W. Matson (a1)


Ultra-fine, nano-crystalline six-line ferrihydrite (5Fe2O3-9H2O) and cubic zirconia (ZrÜ2) powders have been produced using the Rapid Thermal Decomposition of precursors in Solution (RTDS) technology. Nano-crystalline RTDS six-line ferrihydrite powder used as an in situ precursor for first-stage direct coal liquefaction catalysts increased the liquefied products from Blind Canyon Seam coal by 22% absolute over thermal background at 350°C. Initial sintering studies performed on nano-crystalline RTDS ZrO2 powder have also been presented and compared to predictions made from theories derived for micro-crystalline powders.



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