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Nanocomposites: Retrospecr and Prospect

  • Rustum Roy (a1)


In this paper we make clear distinctions from the terms nanophase, nanocrystalline and deal only with nanocomposites defined as an interacting mixture of two phases, one of which is in the nanometer size range in at least one dimension. The author's origins of development of the idea that nanocomposites are a virtually infinite class of new materials are described.

Then we refer to the results of our extensive studies of nanocomposites derived by solution-solgel techniques to illustrate the properties of such materials in the area of chemical and thermal reactivity.

Finally it is pointed out that in the last few years nanocomposite materials have become a major part of new materials synthesis all over the world for applications ranging from mechanical to optical, to magnetic to dielectric.



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Nanocomposites: Retrospecr and Prospect

  • Rustum Roy (a1)


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