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Nanocomposite Barrier Coatings for Elastomeric Applications

  • H.A. Goldberg (a1), C.A. Feeney (a1), D.P. Karim (a1) and M. Farrell (a1)


InMat LLC has developed aqueous, non-hazardous nanocomposite dispersions with a unique combination of barrier properties and flexibility. Using butyl rubber as the matrix, and very high aspect ratio vermiculite filler, flexible coatings with gas permeability 30-300 times lower than butyl rubber have been produced.[1,2] These coatings have been shown to be undamaged by strains up to 20%. The first commercial application of this technology (sold under InMat's trademark Air D-FenseTM) is in Wilson's new, longer life, Double CoreTM tennis ball.



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