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Nanoassembled Model Catalysts: Changing Efficiency and Selectivity Atom-by-Atom

  • U. Heiz (a1), S. Abbet (a1), H. Häkkinen (a2) and U. Landman (a2)


Cluster-assembled materials open fascinating new routes for tuning physical and chemical properties by changing cluster size and often these materials behave completely differently than their bulk analogues. By depositing gas phase cluster cations on various surfaces, cluster model catalysts are fabricated, which exhibit remarkable catalytic activity. While inert as bulk material, gold cluster catalysts oxidize carbon monoxide with Au8 to be the smallest active size. In contrast to the high selectivity of Pd(111) surfaces for the cyclotrimerization of acetylene, small supported Pdn clusters reveal a strongly size-dependent selectivity for the polymerization of acetylene and catalyze the cyclotrimerization as well as the hydrogenation of the formed intermediate C4H4.



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