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N- and P-Type Building Blocks for Organic Electronics Based on Oligothiophene Cores

  • Antonio Facchetti (a1), Myung-Han Yoon (a2), Howard E. Katz (a2), Melissa Mushrush (a2) and Tobin J. Marks (a1)...


Organic semiconductors exhibiting complementary-type carrier mobility are the key components for the development of the field of “plastic electronics”. We present here a novel series of αω- and isomerically pure β,β'-diperfluorohexyl-substituted thiophene and study the impact of fluoroalkyl substitution and conjugation length vìs-à-vìs the corresponding fluorinefree analogues. Trends between the fluorinated and fluorine-free families in molecular packing, HOMO-LUMO gap, and π-π interactions are found to be strikingly similar. TFT measurements indicate that all members of the fluorinated series are n-type semiconductors



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