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&[mu]-Watt Enhanced Electroluminescent Power of Silicon Nanocrystal Light-Emitting Diodes Made on Nano-Scale Silicon-Tip-Array Substrate

  • Gong-Ru Lin (a1) and Chun-Jung Lin (a2)


A Si nanocrystal based metal-oxide-semiconductor light-emitting diode (MOSLED) on Si nano-pillar array is preliminarily demonstrated. Rapid self-aggregation of Ni nanodots on Si substrate covered with a thin SiO2 buffered layer is employed as the etching mask for obtaining Si nano-pillar array. Dense Ni nanodots with size and density of 30 nm and 2.8×10 cm-2, respectively, can be formatted after rapid thermal annealing at 850°C for 22 s. The nano-roughened Si surface contributes to both the relaxation of total-internal reflection at device-air interface and the Fowler-Nordheim tunneling enhanced turn-on characteristics, providing the MOSLED a maximum optical power of 0.7 uW obtained at biased current of 375 uA. The optical intensity, turn-on current, power slope and external quantum efficiency of the MOSLED are 140 μW/cm2, 5 uA, 2+-0.8 mW/A and 1×10-3, respectively, which is almost one order of magnitude larger than that of a same device made on smooth Si substrate.



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