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Murataite-based ceramics for actinide waste immobilization

  • S. V. Stefanovsky (a1), S. V. Yudintse (a2), B. S. Nikonov (a2), B. I. Omelianenko (a2) and A. G. Ptashkin (a3)...


Studying the Synroc, doped with a simulated HLW, we have found, along with conventional Synroc phases (zirconolite, perovskite, hollandite), an extra phase with a stoichiornetry (Ca, Mn, U, TR)4(U, TR, Zr, Ti) 2(AI, Ti)7O22. XRD and TEM study has shown this phase is related to a very rare mineral murataite. In the present work a ceramic based on murataite is studied. The ceramic samples in the system: Ca-Mn-Ti-Zr-U-Ce-AI-Fe-O were produced and examined in details using XRD, SEM/EDS, TEM, and optical microscopy. Total amount of actinide (U) and rare earth (Ce, Gd) elements in the murataite exceeds 20 wt%. Isomorphic substitution schemes in the structures of synthetic and natural murataites are discussed. High isomorphic capacity of the murataite structure towards actinides and REEs, flexibility of its composition, feasibility of synthesis by melting, including a cold crucible melting, and very high chemical durability under hydrothermal conditions make the murataite-based ceramics very promising for actinides and excess weapon Pu fixation.



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