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Muon Spin Depolarization in Metals with Dilute Magnetic Impurities

  • J. A. Brown (a1), R. H. Heffner (a1), R. L. Hutson (a1), S. Kohn (a1), M. Leon (a1), C. E. Olsen (a1), M. E. Schillaci (a1), S. A. Dodds (a2), T. L. Estle (a2), D. A. Vanderwater (a2), P. M. Richards (a3) and C. D. Mcmasters (a4)...


Muon diffusion can be studied in metals without nuclear moments by the addition of paramagnetic impurities. We describe the theory and report measurements of muon depolarization in gold and silver doped with gadolinium and erbium. As well as diffusion rates, strength of the magnetic interaction and spin lattice relaxation rate of the paramagnetic ion are inferred from the data.



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