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Multiphase Polymer Networks with Shape-Memory

  • Steffen Kelch (a1), Marc Behl (a2), Stefan Kamlage (a3) and Andres Lendlein (a4)


Tailoring of properties and functions of shape-memory polymer networks to the requirements of specific applications demands a knowledge-based approach. A comprehensive database enabling the analysis of structure-property relationships is obtained by the systematic variation of molecular parameters. In detail we investigated the influence of the nature of thermal transition on the shape-memory behavior of polymer networks. Furthermore, additional amorphous phases were introduced enabling tailoring of elastic properties especially in the temporary shape as a consequence of the formed polymer morphology. Enabling higher elasticity, adjustable hydrolytic degradability, and the possibility to tailor the transition temperature of shape-memory to a temperature between room temperature and body temperature are considered to be substantial steps to improve the applicability of these active polymers in medicine.



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Multiphase Polymer Networks with Shape-Memory

  • Steffen Kelch (a1), Marc Behl (a2), Stefan Kamlage (a3) and Andres Lendlein (a4)


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