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Multilevel Contact System with a Thin Silicide Reaction Controlling Interlayer

  • F. Fenske (a1), S. Schulze (a2), B. Selle (a1), H. Lange (a1) and W. Wolke (a2)...


Taking advantage of controllable interdiffusion and reaction processes by using a 50 nm thin Ti interlayer an annealing step in the temperature range from 450 to 475°C transforms the TiNiAg layer sequence on silicon into a stable final state, whereby a contamination free, homogeneous nanoscale NiSi contact layer arises with low values of the contact resistance. Intercalating a thin Ti layer the nickel silicide growth rate is lowered by 2 orders of magnitude. Low sheet resistance and a good bondability are preserved by the remaining Ni-Ag top layer sequence which does not interact during the contact formation process.



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