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Multiferroic Bi2NiMnO6 with a Double-Perovskite Structure: High-Pressure Synthesized Bulk and Epitaxially Grown Thin Films

  • Yuichi Shimakawa (a1)


A new multiferroic compound Bi2NiMnO6 was synthesized in both bulk and thin-film forms. Bulk samples were prepared under a high pressure condition at 6 GPa, and thin-film samples were epitaxially grown on single-crystal SrTiO3 substrates by a pulsed-laser deposition method. The crystal structure of the material is a double perovskite, in which Ni2+ and Mn4+ ions are ordered in a rock-salt configuration. Bi3+ ions at the A-site cause a noncentrosymmetric (C2) structural distortion which allows a spontaneous ferroelectric polarization at room temperature. Ni2+–O–Mn4+ magnetic paths lead to ferromagnetism through the superexchange interaction according to the Kanamori-Goodenough rule. A coupling between the ferromagnetic and ferroelectric interactions appears to exist, but it is quite small.



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Multiferroic Bi2NiMnO6 with a Double-Perovskite Structure: High-Pressure Synthesized Bulk and Epitaxially Grown Thin Films

  • Yuichi Shimakawa (a1)


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