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MOVPE of m-plane InGaN/GaN Buffer and LED Structures on γ-LiAlO2


We report on deposition and properties of m-plane GaN/InGaN/AlInN structures on LiAlO2 substrates grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE). At first, two different buffer structures, one of them including an m-plane AlInN interlayer, were investigated concerning their suitability for the subsequent coalesced single-phase m-plane GaN growth. A series of quantum well structures with different well thickness based on one of these buffers showed absence of polarization-induced electric fields verified by room temperature photoluminescence (RT PL) measurements at different excitation intensities. Furthermore, polarization-resolved PL measurements revealed a high degree of polarization (DoP) of the emitted light with an intensity ratio of 8:1 between light polarized perpendicular and parallel to the c-axis.



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MOVPE of m-plane InGaN/GaN Buffer and LED Structures on γ-LiAlO2


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