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MOVPE Growth of GaAs on Si Using Tertiarybutylarsine

  • S. Miyagaki (a1), S. Ohkubo (a1), K. Takai (a1), N. Takagi (a1), M. Kimura (a1), Y. Kikuchi (a1), T. Eshita (a1) and K. Takasaki (a1)...


We developed GaAs heteroepitaxy on a Si substrate by metalorganio vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) using tertiarybutylarsine (TBAs). When we preheated Si at 1000ºC in the atmosphere including TBAs, a carbide layer was formed on the Si surface. This led to polycrystalline GaAs growth. By carrying out high-temperature preheating in an H2 -only atmosphere and supplying TBAs after the preheating, we have successfully grown single-crystal GaAs with a mirror surface in a process completely free of AsH3.



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