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Motional Correlation Time of Dilute 111Cd Impurities in Se-Rich Liquid Se-Te Alloys

  • D. K. Gaskill (a1), J. A. Gardner (a1), K. S. Krane (a1), K. Krusch (a1) and R. L. Rasera (a2)...


The motional correlation time, τc, in liquid Se and Se-rich Se-Te alloys has been investigated between 500 and 900°C using time differential perturbed angular correlations of y-rays from dilute 111Cd impurities. In all alloys we find τc ∝ exp (E0/kT) at low T where E0 = 0.36 eV. τC deviates from this relation at high T. At low T, τCis tentatively identified as the lifetime of a Cd to host molecule bond, and at high T as the average lifetime of bonds in the host molecule.



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