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Morphology of Diamond Films Grown by DC Plasma Jet CVD

  • Kazuaki Kurihara (a1), Ken-Ichi Sasaki (a1), Motonobu Kawarada (a1) and Nagaaki Koshino (a1)


It is well known that diamond films synthesized from the gas phase have well defined crystal habits which are affected strongly by synthesis conditions. Though there have been many studies of the morphologies of diamond films synthesized by microwave plasma CVD [1,2,3], there have been relatively few reports on the morphologies of these films grown using new high growth rate techniques such as DC plasma jet CVD [4]. Morphology control is very important to keep flat surface, when producing thick diamond films by high growth rate techniques. In this paper we report our investigation of the morphology and growth of diamond films synthesized by DC plasma jet CVD.



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