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Morphological study of InN films and nanorods grown by H-MOVPE

  • Hyun Jong Park (a1), Sang Won Kang (a2), Olga Kryliouk (a3) and Tim Anderson (a4)


Hydride-Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (H-MOVPE) was used to grow a series of films on c-Al2O3 substrates. Depending on the growth temperature and HCl/TMIn molar ratio, InN deposited as a continuous film or a collection of micro or nanorods, or no InN growth was observed. A chemical equilibrium analysis of the In-N-H-Cl system predicts both InN growth and etching regimes with the nanorod growth observed near the growth-etching transition. All InN rod structures demonstrated well faceted hexagonal structure with a near random orientation of the rods, while the films were polycrystalline.



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