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Morphological Stability of Ni(Al)/Ni3Al Nanolaminate Composites

  • Jason P. Fain (a1), Rajarshi Banerjee (a1), Daniel Josell (a2), Peter M. Anderson (a3), Hamish Fraser (a1), Natalia Tymiak (a4) and William Gerberich (a1)...


This manuscript discusses the morphological instability observed when multilayered samples with alternating layers of Γ-Ni(Al)/γ-Ni3Al are exposed to 800C for approximately 100 hours. Samples with 20nm/20nm or 120nm/120nm layer thickness and <001> or <Ill> crystal orientation to the interface normal were tested. Pinching off of layers is strongly affected by crystal orientation and layer thickness. Corresponding modeling suggests that the stability of this system is sensitive to fluctuations in the volume fraction of the two phases, the aspect ratio of columnar grains in the layers, and whether coherent or semi-coherent interfaces are present.



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