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Morphological Patterns During Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electrodeposition

  • Jacob Jorne (a1) and Sen-Wei Wu (a1)


The quasi-two-dimensional electrodeposition of several metals (zinc, copper, silver and lithium) of varying levels of anisotropy has been investigated. The morphologies are very diverse for the different metals and the morphology selection depends on the degree of anisotropy. The fast propagation of the quasi-two-dimensional deposit is due to the lack of convection in the confined electrolyte. The velocity of the deposit is determined by the drift velocity of the anions, as the system is attempting to maintain electroneutrality and reduce the electric field in the space charge region. The effects of impurities and natural convection on the morphology are investigated as well.



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Morphological Patterns During Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electrodeposition

  • Jacob Jorne (a1) and Sen-Wei Wu (a1)


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