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Morphological Changes in Rod-Shaped Precipitates With Internal Boundaries: Finite Difference Analysis

  • Jun-Ho Choy (a1), S. A. Hackney (a1) and J. K. Lee (a1)


Shape evolution of rod-shaped precipitates due to surface diffusion has been studied under the conditions of constant volume and isotropie interfacial free energy. The shape evolution depends strongly on both the initial aspect ratio and the grain boundary groove angle. For a finite rod with one grain boundary, the morphology evolves into an equilibrium shape made of spherical portions if its aspect ratio and the groove angle are small. Increase in the aspect ratio causes a boundary splitting. For an infinite rod with periodic boundaries, three types of morphological evolutions are observed. When the relationship between the aspect ratio and the groove angle satisfies a certain critical condition, the shape evolves into an equilibrium. If the relationship deviates significantly from this condition, an ovulation process takes place at each location of the internal grain boundaries. When the deviation is intermediate, the morphology undergoes an oscillation in a quasi-dynamic state between the process toward an equilibrium shape and the ovulation process. The ovulation process due to internal grain boundaries is found to precede the Rayleigh spheroidization process.



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