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Monte Carlo Simulations on SIMD Computer Architectures

  • C. P. Burmester (a1), L. T. Wille (a2) and R. Gronsky (a1)


Algorithmic considerations regarding the implementation of various materials science applications of the Monte Carlo technique to single instruction multiple data (SIMD) computer architectures are presented. In particular, implementation of the Ising model with nearest, next nearest. and long range screened Coulomb interactions on the SIMD architecture MasPar MP-1 (DEC mpp-12000) series of massively parallel computers is demonstrated. Methods of code development which optimize processor array use and minimize inter-processor communication are presented including lattice partitioning and the use of processor array spanning tree structures for data reduction. Both geometric and algorithmic parallel approaches are utilized. Benchmarks in terms of Monte Carlo updates per second for the MasPar architecture are presented and compared to values reported in the literature from comparable studies on other architectures.



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Monte Carlo Simulations on SIMD Computer Architectures

  • C. P. Burmester (a1), L. T. Wille (a2) and R. Gronsky (a1)


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