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Monte Carlo Simulation of Precipitate Nucleation and Growth: Time Dependent Results

  • James P. Lavine (a1) and Gilbert A. Hawkins (a1)


A three-dimensional Monte Carlo computer program has been developed to study the heterogeneous nucleation and growth of oxide precipitates during the thermal treatment of crystalline silicon. In the simulations, oxygen atoms move on a lattice with randomly selected lattice points serving as nucleation sites. The change in free energy that the oxygen cluster would experience in gaining or losing one oxygen atom is used to govern growth or dissolution of the cluster. All the oxygen atoms undergo a jump or a growth decision during each time step of the anneal. The growth and decay kinetics of each nucleation site display interesting fluctuation phenomena. The time dependence of the cluster size generally differs from the expected 3/2 power law due to the fluctuations in oxygen arrival at and incorporation in a precipitate. Competition between growing sites and coarsening are observed.



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Monte Carlo Simulation of Precipitate Nucleation and Growth: Time Dependent Results

  • James P. Lavine (a1) and Gilbert A. Hawkins (a1)


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