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Molecular Structure Of Metal Alkoxide Precursors

  • C. Sanchez (a1), P. Toledano (a1) and F. Ribot (a1)


Oxo-alkoxides and allied derivatives are the organic counter part of polyanions and polycations. Most of them do not lead to further polymerization and are therefore dead endswhich are grnerally not directly involved in the formation of macromolecular oxide networks. However their well defined structure make them good models for the basic understanding of the first steps of hydrolysis- condensation reactions. The structural characterization of a new metal oxo species Ce63-O)43-OH)4(acac)12 obtained via the hydrolysis of acetylacetone modified cerium isopropoxide is presented. Possible mechanisms of formation of this compound as well as for some other titanium Ti62-O)23-O)22-OAc)42-OPri)6(OPri)6 and niobium Nb8O10(OEt)20 based oxo-alkoxides will be discussed.



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Molecular Structure Of Metal Alkoxide Precursors

  • C. Sanchez (a1), P. Toledano (a1) and F. Ribot (a1)


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