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Molecular Routes to Tin Oxides

  • T.A. Wark (a1), E.A. Gulliver (a1), L.C. Jones (a1), M.J. Hampden-Smith (a1), A.L. Rheingold (a2) and J.C. Huffman (a3)...


A general route to low temperature synthesis of ternary metal tin oxides with controlled stoichiometries from single component molecular metal alkoxide precursors is described. The solid state and solution structures of homoleptic tin(IV) alkoxide compounds have been investigated to establish criteria for the determination of their solution structure. Tin alkoxide compounds suitable for metathesis reactions have been synthesized and used to prepare the mixed metal alkoxide compounds [ZnSn(OEt)6] and [((COD)Rh)2Sn(OEt)6] (where Et = ethyl and COD = 1,5-cyclooctadiene). Hydrolysis of [ZnSn(OEt)6] at neutral pH results in the formation of a high surface area, mainly amorphous hydrous oxide powder which forms Zn2SnO4 and SnO2 on heating to 600°C and ZnSnO3 on heating to 1000°C.Thermolysis of [((COD)Rh}2Sn(OEt)6] results in formation of rhodium and tin(IV) oxide (cassiterite phase).



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Molecular Routes to Tin Oxides

  • T.A. Wark (a1), E.A. Gulliver (a1), L.C. Jones (a1), M.J. Hampden-Smith (a1), A.L. Rheingold (a2) and J.C. Huffman (a3)...


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