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Molecular Beam Epitaxical Growth of AlxGa1-xAs on non- Planar Patterned GaAs (100)

  • S. Guha (a1), A. Madhukar (a1), K. Kaviani (a1), Li Chen (a1), R. Kuchibhotla (a1), R. Kapre (a1), M. Hyugachi (a1) and Z. Xie (a1)...


We have examined some aspects of inter-facet migration during molecular beam epitaxical(MBE) growth of AlxGal-xAs on patterned GaAs (100) substrates. Scanning and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy are employed to examine the evolution of the growth front profile. We observe significant inter facet migration from (3111/1411) facets which originate from the terrace edges to the flat terrace region. The migration length of cations on these facets is at least 0.9 μm for GaAs growth while for A10.5Ga0.5As it is less than 0.3 μm. We also observe a decreasing inter- facet migration rate with increasing growth. This interfacet migration is exploited for in situ, growth kinetics controlled, creation of laterally confined quantum well structures on the top terrace region and photoluminescence results for these structures are presented.



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