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Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of Nonpolar a-plane InN/ GaN Heterostructures

  • Mohana K. Rajpalke (a1), Thirumaleshwara N. Bhat (a1), Basanta Roul (a1) (a2), Mahesh Kumar (a1) (a2) and S. B. Krupanidhi (a1)...


Nonpolar a-plane InN/GaN heterostructures were grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy. The growth of nonpolar a- plane InN / GaN heterostructures were confirmed by high resolution x-ray diffraction study. Reflection high energy electron diffraction patterns show the reasonably smooth surface of a-plane GaN and island-like growth for nonpolar a-plane InN film, which is further confirmed by scanning electron micrographs. An absorption edge in the optical spectra has the energy of 0.74 eV, showing blueshifts from the fundamental band gap of 0.7 eV. The rectifying behavior of the I-V curve indicates the existence of Schottky barrier at the InN and GaN interface. The Schottky barrier height (φb ) and the ideality factor (η) for the InN/GaN heterostructures found to be 0.58 eV and 2.05 respectively.


Corresponding author


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Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of Nonpolar a-plane InN/ GaN Heterostructures

  • Mohana K. Rajpalke (a1), Thirumaleshwara N. Bhat (a1), Basanta Roul (a1) (a2), Mahesh Kumar (a1) (a2) and S. B. Krupanidhi (a1)...


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