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A Modified Extended Hückel Calculations For Q1D-Graphites

  • D. Raković (a1), R. Kostić (a2), S. Krstić (a1), I. Davidova (a3), B. L. Fayfel (a3) and L. A. Gribov (a3)...


In this paper we have computed electronic density of states for several Q1D graphites: polyacene (PA), polyacenacene (PAA), polyphenanthrene (PP), polyphenanthrophenanthrene (PPhP), and polyperinaphthalene (PPN). The modified extended Hiickel method for finite Q1D chains has been adopted. The change of the electronic properties due to the growth of the Q1D-graphites toward the two-dimensional direction, starting from trans-polyacetylene, cis-polyacetylene or poly(p-phenylene), is discussed. Our calculations show that PA, PAA, and PPN are intrinsic conductors, while PP and PPh are semiconductors with energy gaps of 1,4 eV and 0,8 eV, respectively. The comparison with other computational results is presented.



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A Modified Extended Hückel Calculations For Q1D-Graphites

  • D. Raković (a1), R. Kostić (a2), S. Krstić (a1), I. Davidova (a3), B. L. Fayfel (a3) and L. A. Gribov (a3)...


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