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Modification of the electronic properties of a-Si1-xCx:H by Fe+ ion implantation

  • T. Tsvetkova (a1), S. Balabanov (a1), B. Amov (a2), Ch. Angelov (a2), J. Zuk (a3), D. Maczka (a3), G.J. Adriaenssens (a4) and K. Iakoubovskii (a4)...


The electrical and optical properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon-carbide alloy films (a-Si1-xCx:H), modified by Fe+ ion implantation (D = 1×1016 - 1×1017 cm-2), have been investigated. Optical transmission spectra have been measured in the visible range (400-900 nm) and considerable absorption edge shift to the longer wavelength region has been registered, together with well-defined decrease of transmittance in the whole measured range. These effects are increased with the dose and are similar for samples with different carbon content (x1=0.08 and x2=0.15). Room temperature (RT) surface electrical conductivity is also increased by Fe+ implantation and the effect is most pronounced for the highest doses (D ~ 1017cm-2). The temperature dependence of the conductivity was measured in the temperature range from RT to 250 oC. The activation energy is considerably reduced and the effect is again strongest for the highest doses. From the above results we conclude that high doses Fe+ implantation in a-Si1-xCx:H affects both the localised states deep in the gap and the shallow states in the band tails.



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