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The Modeling Routes for the Chemical Vapor Deposition Process

  • M. Pons (a1), C. Bernard (a2), H. Rouch (a3) and R. Madar (a3)


The purpose of this article is to present the modeling routes for the chemical vapor deposition process with a special emphasis to mass transport models with near local thermochemical equilibrium imposed in the gas-phase and at the deposition surface. The theoretical problems arising from the linking of the two selected approaches, thermodynamics and mass transport, are shown and a solution procedure is proposed. As an illustration, selected results of thermodynamic and mass transport analysis and of the coupled approach showed that, for the deposition of Si1-x Gex solid solution at 1300 K (system Si-Ge-Cl-H-Ar), the thermodynamic heterogeneous stability of the reactive gases and the thermal diffusion led to the germanium depletion of the deposit.



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The Modeling Routes for the Chemical Vapor Deposition Process

  • M. Pons (a1), C. Bernard (a2), H. Rouch (a3) and R. Madar (a3)


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