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Modeling of the Dislocation Dynamics in Ni3Al and the Flow Stress Anomaly

  • B. Devincre (a1), P. Veyssiere (a1), L. Kubin (a1) and G. Saada Lem (a1)


Ni3Al single crystals are known to exhibit a flow stress anomaly between 200 and 800K. The purpose of our work is to examine such an anomaly by means of a simulation of the dislocation dynamics at a mesoscopic scale. The simulation basic rules are: i) the dislocation glide in {111} octahedral planes, ii) the conditions at which screw lines are locked and unlocked by the formation of Kear-Wilsdorf locks, iii) the mobility of jogs in the {100} cube plane. Our results suggest that two different temperature regimes occur in the domain of the anomaly. At low temperatures, the plastic flow is governed by kink bow-out, itself a function of the kink length. At high temperatures, the plastic flow is governed by the unlocking of the weakest Kear-Wilsdorf locks in the microstructure. These outcomes of the simulation are discussed in relation with the existing theoretical models of the flow stress anomaly.



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