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Modeling of Nanoimprinting of Metals by Nanotube Arrays

  • Lili Li (a1), Zhenhai Xia (a2) and Yanqing Yang (a3)


Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations are reported for buckling and interfacial friction of single- and multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNT) with interwall sp 3 bonds imprinted on copper substrates. A small perturbation of mechanical vibration is applied to the systems in the nanoimprinting. The imprinting capabilities of multi-wall CNTs are much better than single-wall CNTs. While the single-wall CNT is insensitive to the vibration, the indentation force and buckling of multi-wall CNTs with interwall sp 3 bonding is dependent on the amplitude of the perturbation, providing a way to controlling the interfacial friction. There is an optimal amplitude, at which the buckling and friction force of the CNTs are minimized in nanoimprinting.



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