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MOCVD Growth of High-Hole Concentration (>2×1019 cm−3) P-Type InGaN for Solar Cell Application

  • Hongbo Yu (a1), Andrew Melton (a1), Omkar Jani (a2), Balakrishnam Jampana (a3), Shenjie Wang (a1), Shalini Gupta (a1), John Buchanan (a1), William Fenwick (a1) and Ian Ferguson (a1)...


InGaN alloys are widely researched in diverse optoelectronic applications. This material has also been demonstrated as a photovoltaic material. This paper presents the study to achieve optimum electrically active p-type InGaN epi-layers. Mg doped InGaN films with 20% In composition are grown on GaN templates/sapphire substrates by MOCVD. It is found that the hole concentration of p-type InGaN depends strongly on the Mg flow rate and V/III molar ratio and hole concentration greater than 2×1019 cm−3 has been achieved at room temperature. The optimum activation temperature of Mg-doped InGaN layer has been found to be 550-600°C, which is lower than that of Mg-doped GaN. A solar cell was realized successfully using the InGaN epi-layers presented here.



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