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MOCVD Growth of Copper and Copper Oxide Films from Bis-β-Diketonate Complexes of Copper. The Role of Carrier Gas on Deposit Composition.

  • William S. Rees (a1) and Celia R. Caballero (a1)


An examination of thermal chemical vapor deposit elemental composition by EDAX has been completed for material films grown from Cu(acac)2 and Cu(tmhd)2 (acac = pentane-2,4-dionate; tmhd = 2,2,6,6-tetramethylheptane-3,5-dionate), using both hydrous and anhydrous carrier gas steams each of reducing (H2), inert (H2), and oxidizing (O2) composition.



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MOCVD Growth of Copper and Copper Oxide Films from Bis-β-Diketonate Complexes of Copper. The Role of Carrier Gas on Deposit Composition.

  • William S. Rees (a1) and Celia R. Caballero (a1)


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