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The Mit Specular and Diffuse Neutron Reflectometer for the Investigation of Surfaces & Interfaces

  • Chwen-Yuan Ku (a1) and Xiao-Lin Zhou (a1)


A specular and diffuse neutron reflectometer was designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology nuclear reactor, MITR-II, and the description of the facility is presented in this paper. This reflectometer uses a horizontal sample geometry so that both solid and liquid samples can be measured. To minimize sample or beam motion and reduce measurement time, two neutron beams are extracted from the same beam port and are incident simultaneously on the same sample surface at grazing incident angles of 0.2 and 1.5 degrees, respectively. The reflected neutrons are detected by a linear position sensitive detector and energy-analyzed by the time-of-flight method. The reflection flight path is enclosed in an evacuated chamber to reduce background counts. The reflectometer performance is estimated as 0.004-0.33 Å-1 dynamic range, 5% Q resolution, 1-10-7 measurable specular reflectivity range, and a 4 orders of magnitude range in diffuse reflectivity counts. Diffuse reflectivity can be measured as a two-dimensional function of both the wavelength and the in-plane diffuse reflection angle. The instrument can be used to investigate a wide range of surface systems of condensed and soft-condensed matters.



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The Mit Specular and Diffuse Neutron Reflectometer for the Investigation of Surfaces & Interfaces

  • Chwen-Yuan Ku (a1) and Xiao-Lin Zhou (a1)


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