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Mismatch and Misalignment at Interfaces Between Ag and Mn3O4 Studied With Hrtem

  • B. J. Kooi (a1), H. B. Groen (a1) and J.Th.M. De Hosson (a1)


Internal oxidation of Ag-3at.%Mn resulted in Mn3O4 precipitates with a “parallel” topotaxy with the metal matrix and an octahedron shape due to {111} facets. Due to the tetragonali ty of Mn3O4, only a few planes and directions of Ag and Mn3O4 can be actual parallel. The precipitates exhibited a preference to align {111} planes parallel with the matrix for one pair of facets and then for another pair a tilt of 7.6° occurs which is relieved by ledges in Ag. The dislocation structure at these parallel and tilted {111} interfaces, originating from a 1-dimensional mismatch and including phenomena such as stand-off and dissociation of dislocations, was scrutinized.



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